MrCloud Business Management System

Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning

Redundant operation tools and additional software downloads is not needed. After logging in to the MrCloud cloud platform, enterprises can use the sales, finance, and project management systems to formulate more effective policies. To perfect ERP and CRM effect, "zero" difficulty, simple and easy to use

MrCloud 4 features

Cloud-based System

In order to reduce the risk of data loss, the cloud base system automatically store company files on a daily basis

Cross-platform Support

Cross-platform application included web and mobile app

Data Analytics

charts and reports are clearly displayed automatically in a wide rariety of data

Permission Management

Data are highly protected for group sharing


10 Modules in 1 System

Adopting latest CRM and ERP modules, built-in permission setup enhance the flexibility of management process, and accurately predicting the business growth. Amount of functions significantly improves business performance and more effective plans can be formulated. Less resources consumed and bring new opportunities.

Project Management

Project Management

Still spending tens of minutes manually filling out each person's workload on a spreadsheet? Rather than adopting an all-in-one system that automatically selects and fills in the daily workload, and flexibly plans, schedules, and sticks to all projects, it helps to deliver high-quality work. In the shared team calendar, everyone's schedules and work projects can be well known, so that the overall business calendar can be seen, and the work efficiency of all employees can be improved

Project task sharing

Team members communicate tasks and schedules within the app

Stay close customer's project status

You can share project task status with clients for review by using one button

Customer Relationship Management

Sales Management

With just one program, you can carefully manage customers and explore potential customers, and get real-time information. The system will automatically identify and display the relevant product categories according to the industry the company is engaged in, which greatly saves the input steps and allows the merchants to see the market demand. In a flexible platform, build efficient marketing strategies!

set sales target

Employees can quickly understand customer preferences by generates chart analysis

Track client status

Sales can track sales targets and deploy further actions by creating custom plans

File Management

File Management

File management system is 100% secure

Share file in group / group file sharing

File permissions can be set by all users and can be shared among team members

File Security Encryption

All files are encrypted and data can only be downloaded from our platform if the user concerned is logged in

Human Resources Management

Human Resources

Eliminating the need for redundant steps, a system allows administrators to accurately manage the status of enterprise employees and multiple projects, equipped with mobile phone recording attendance function, making human resource management decisions and actions efficient, greatly reducing the number of manual input procedures, and reducing the opportunity for human negligence

Human resources management system

Electronize check-in, request for leave, calculation of grain and grain payment slip, and manage the day's duty status on your mobile phone

Spreadsheet Approval

Applications for personal leave, paid leave, outings, overtime work, etc. can be submitted through electronic forms

Connect to Wi-Fi to clock in and clock in to work outside

As long as employees are connected to the company's Wi-Fi, they can complete the attendance record, and the system will automatically generate an attendance report, so employees' working hours can be seen at a glance

Scheduling management

Electronic schedule for work, employees can check the duty status on their mobile phones


Quotation and Invoice Management

Invoice management module is a user-friendly system especially for freelancer, by entering the keywords, you can find the relevant documents easily

Quotation function/features

As long as the amount and related information are entered, the system will automatically generate a document with the company logo, which the enterprise can send to the same customer

Invoice function/features

The system stores the document records, which users can access and process at any time to calculate sales volume and expenditure


Financial and Accounting Management


Electronic Receipt

The tax bureau has now accepted electronic receipts, which can easily solve the problem of paper receipt storage. Check the account status anytime, anywhere, check all the past information on the mobile phone or computer, and get the latest information at any time. Simple and easy Use, one-click download report

Custom financial month

Automatically generate reports for tax declaration, use the mobile app and web version simultaneously, use HTTPS protocol transmission with super encryption, daily data backup, comprehensive protection

EDM Marketing

Email Marketing Automation

You can build brand image by using email. Email marketing helps companies connect with their audiences to promote their brands, increase reach and sales through product promotion and information sharing

Bulk emails from customers

Enterprises can use the EDM function to send the latest news to the client, increase communication between merchants, and improve the professional image of the enterprise

Files are uploaded and sent in bulk

Businesses can create integrate marketing plans to different categories of clients and send it to potential customers


Group Messenger

Perhaps protect corporate information is the best group chat tool

Control account

The conversation, records and data in group chat will be removed once the employees has left the company

Event registration and reminders

Event reminder notification will pop up and system will automatically notify the user for confirmation


Inventory Management

Count your company daily stock takes and stock in and out by using stock management module

Understand the company's inventory status to improve

Daily input stock quantity, enter inventory balance every night


Shopping Cart

Do your company have a website? You can manage your website content by using content management module

Manage your home page in our system

Easy setup and manage your website content


Start Trial in 3 steps


Create an account

fill in company name, email and phone number


Module project

fill in company code and login password



Start managing when you have received the email

Purchase modules/ Premium modules

Save uneccessary cost and enjoy new functions? Purchase premium modules and enjoy free updates for data analyse

Start 14 days trial

Why choosing MrCloud

We have designed a targeted module system according to the various needs of different enterprises. The company does not need to open dozens of operating systems to process transactions. Just because we provide a platform, it can help you fully run the internal structure.

  • We keep making progress

    Standing still is something that cannot be compromised. We are willing to listen to user's opinions, continuously improve and update the system platform for free, provide users with higher-level experience services, and explore more potential business opportunities!

  • Free support

    We aim for the best service. Email or phone support this system without extra charge

  • Prevent cyber attack

    The privacy of company and customer data is an extremely important asset, and security is our top priority. In order to reject the intrusion of uninvited guests, all data transmissions in the system are protected by security.

  • Best value for money

    Different from the price that usually starts from more than 1,000 according to the module or the number of people in the market, MrCloud aims to allow SMEs to enjoy a more complete module service at the same price at a reasonable price


MrCloud is a cloud service management system that includes seven modules. They are project management, sales tracking, file management, human resources management, invoice management, email marketing and group chat.

We offer a 14-day trial service. We provide a 14 day trial. No fees will be charged and system will be automatically stopped if no purchase is found.Credit card will not be tied

Email will be sent to user after 3 steps of registration

When business gradually expand,CRM and ERP provides the best management system service at a reasonable price.

hen business gradually expand,CRM and ERP provides the best management system service at a reasonable price.

MrCloud accept Visa, mastercard and wechat pay payment.