POS System

Intelligent system operates the restaurant, from opening to checkout in one step!

MrCloud POS

MrCloud POS System

Use MrCloud's diversified catering system to easily handle opening the table, ordering, processing takeaways and checkout, and analyze product sales performance, daily business peak hours, turnover, etc. anytime and anywhere to help your catering business Be more efficient and say goodbye to the traditional manual ordering and checkout process!

  • Menu customization and modification: Allow restaurant administrators or chefs to modify, update, adjust or customize menus, and set main categories and sub-categories to adapt to market demand or seasonal changes.

  • Tracking table status: The POS system tracks the status of the designated table number and records the opening time to facilitate employee management and estimate waiting time.

  • Efficient ordering experience: Customers use the POS system to select menus and order food, and the order information will be automatically transmitted to the kitchen or various departments.

  • Tracking and editing orders: The POS system can manage orders, including editing, cancellation, modification, etc., effectively handle customer needs while reducing the chance of errors.

  • Takeout management system: Use the takeout system to manage received orders. Kitchen staff can view new order notifications, process orders, confirm payment, and prepare takeout food.

  • Checkout and payment management: Calculate the total order, including service fees and additional fees, etc., and provide different payment options, such as cash, credit card, mobile payment, etc., and be able to print out receipts.

  • Data analysis management: The system has charts showing the restaurant's daily/monthly turnover, product sales distribution and product distribution data, allowing restaurant operators to make better decisions and strategies.

QR code order

The MrCloud POS system provides a self-service ordering system using QR code technology, allowing customers to order food using their smartphones or tablets without relying on waiters or traditional paper menus.

  • Remote order placement: As long as there is a website link to the menu, customers can place orders anytime and anywhere.

  • Real-time menu update: After employees update the menu and save it, the menu interface will be updated synchronously in real time.

  • The menu interface design is simple: divided into categories according to different dishes, with clear layout and images so that customers can quickly find specific dishes.

MrCloud Cloud Catering POS System

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Dining area management

QR code order

Real-time synchronized order placement

Custom Menu

Background monitoring data

Multi-language Generation

Why choose MrCloud POS

Powerful function support

Analyze business data effortlessly

MrCloud cloud catering POS system will automatically collect restaurant turnover, automatically settle monthly turnover and product sales distribution functions. The boss can easily track and record daily revenue through MrCloud's POS system, and quickly analyze the popularity of products and peak dining periods. The process does not require manual calculation or reliance on other systems!

Seamless connection between ordering and kitchen receipt

When restaurant customers use MrCloud's ordering system to order, the kitchen bar will receive relevant information. The entire process does not require handwritten orders. In addition to reducing incorrect orders, it can also increase customer satisfaction!

Reasons suitable for restaurants

  • Improve customer experience

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Reduce labor costs

  • Data management and analysis

Manage without time sharing

Whether inside the restaurant or out and about, managers can easily monitor important information such as orders, inventory, and sales data through the digital ordering system to achieve time- and place-free management.

Data security

To ensure the security and confidentiality of data, the system uses encryption technology to protect privacy during data transmission, and sets permissions and authentication mechanisms to restrict access.

Dual support

The web page (QR code ordering) and the mobile application (backend management) are used across platforms. When the user updates or edits the menu, the web system of the menu system will also be updated simultaneously.

Free support

We strive for progress and also pursue providing better services. In order to allow customers to manage more effectively, there will be no additional fees for each POS system update.